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Konqi, the KDE mascot

You can contact the Okular team in many ways:

  • Mailing list: To coordinate okular development, we use the okular-devel mailing list at You can use it to talk about the development of the core application, and feedback about existent or new backends is appreciated.
  • IRC: For general chat, we use the IRC #okular and #kde-devel on the Libera Chat network. Some of the Okular developers can be found hanging there.
  • Matrix: The aforementioned chat can also be accessed over the Matrix network via
  • Forum: If you prefer to use a forum you can use the Okular forum inside the bigger KDE Community Forums.
  • Bugs and Wishes: Bugs and Wishes should be reported to the KDE bug tracker. If you want to help, you can find a list of top bugs here.