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Выпущен Okular 0.7

Вторник, 29 июля 2008

The Okular team is proud to announce a new version of Okular, released as part of KDE 4.1. Some of the new features and improvements include (in random order):

  • Possibility to save a PDF document with the changes to the form fields
  • Presentation mode: support for more than one screen, and possibility to disable transitions
  • The zoom level is stored per-document now
  • Enhanced text-to-speech support, that can be used to read the whole document, a specific page or the text selection
  • Backward direction for text search
  • Improved support for forms
  • Preliminary (really basic and most probably incomplete) support for JavaScript in PDF documents
  • Support for file attachment annotations
  • Possibility to remove the white border of pages when viewing pages
  • New backend for EPub documents
  • OpenDocument Text backend: support for encrypted documents, list and tables improvements
  • XPS backend: various loading and rendering improvements, should be much more usable now
  • PS backend: various improvements, mainly due to the newer libspectre required