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Megjelent az Okular 0.8

2009. január 27. kedd

The Okular team is proud to announce a new version of Okular, released as part of KDE 4.2. Some of the new features and improvements include (in random order):

  • Add a Document Archiving possibility
  • Start a search from the current page
  • Preliminar support for videos in PDF documents
  • Presentation mode improvements: screen saver inhibition, and black screen mode
  • More stamp annotations
  • Support for Lilypond's "point-and-click" links
  • Editor configuration for inverse search
  • Export to OpenDocument Text and HTML for ODT, Fictionbook and EPub backends (requires Qt 4.5)
  • New backend for G3/G4 fax documents
  • DjVu backend: memory management improvements
  • OpenDocument Text backend: various improvements
  • ... other small features and fixes
And, of course, many bugs were fixed.