Okular is available as a precompiled package in a wide range of platforms. You can check the package status for your Linux distro on the right or keep reading for info on other operating systems

Okular is already available on most Linux distributions. You can install it from the KDE Software Center.
Flatpak logoFlatpak
You can install the latest Okular Flatpak from Flathub. Experimental Flatpaks with nightly builds of Okular can be installed from the KDE Flatpak repository.
Ark logoRelease Sources
Okular is released regularly as part of KDE Gear. If you want to build from source, you can check the Build It section.
Windows logoWindows
Have a look at the KDE on Windows initiative for information on how to install KDE Software on Windows. The stable release is available on the Microsoft Store. There are also experimental nightly builds, for which testing and bug reports would be welcome.
Packaging status table